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Crumbs Brewing

44% of all bread made in the UK never gets eaten. That is a shocking waste.

At Crumbs Brewing we are doing our bit to address this growing problem by making our beers from bread that would otherwise go to waste. That’s right, we make beer out of leftover bread.

But we don’t just use any old loaves in our brews. We use leftover loaves from our local bakery, Chalk Hills, in Reigate.  Their bread is delicious, handmade artisan bread so our beers have to do it justice. So each of our brews uses a different leftover loaf in its recipe. That way the style and flavours of the loaf are reflected in the taste of the beer.  From our light, zesty sourdough pale ale to our dark mysterious rye ruby ale, there’ll be a style that you love. Crumbs Brewing – delicious beer, bread differently.

Offer: 10% any purchase via our web beer shop

Offer details: When you make any purchase at our web beer shop ( simply add the code LOVEREIGATE10 at checkout to receive 10% off your entire order.

Offer terms & conditions: Cannot be combined with any other discount.

Only available to Love Reigate members. Please ensure your purchase name and address details correspond with your lead membership details.

Purchased items can be delivered to another address if required.