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Helen Delaney Fitness

Helen is a Women’s Health and Fitness coach with a particular interest in nutrition, hormones and strength training for women in the peri/menopausal years. Anyone around the 40 mark, take note! 😊 She doesn’t judge, she’s there to motivate and help you to achieve your goals. By her own admission, she loves food and wine:)
Personal training and 2:1 training take place in a private studio in Reigate or Priory Park, alternatively, you can join Helen Delaney Fitness Online.
  • Personal Training
  • 60 & 120 Day Body Transformation
  • Nutrition & Strength Training
  • Private Studio
  • Menopause Programme
  • Online Classes
Offer: 60 Day Body Transformation £120 for an 8 week programme including classes & nutrition plan (usually £135)
Offer details: Change the way that you look & feel with a combination of strength training & fuelling your body in the right way:
  • Fortnightly email accountability check
  • Food plan to support strength training
  • 2 x group strength training sessions per week (online & face to face)
  • Fortnightly progress measurements & photos
  • Access to 3 other weekly online classes
  • Control the way you feel & what you eat!
Unlimited access to a library of over 250 online classes, including strength training, hiit, Insanity & resistance bands. Classes range from 15-45 minutes long, so you choose what workout you do & when you do it. Minimum of 4 live classes each week, led by Personal Trainer Helen Delaney.
Offer terms & conditions: Members would need access to Facebook to enable them to access classes online. Unlimited access to the online library of 150 classes is available for the 60 day duration of the programme only then ceases.