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Ruth Jane Fitness Coach

Ruth is a personal trainer offering small PT group classes for women over 45.

This is a group of six women in my private garden for an 8-week resistance training class plus coaching on exercise and nutrition specifically for women who are in peri and post menopause – start training the way you need to, to see results at this stage of life.

Comes with:

• It is designed for the total newbie to weight training as well as those with more experience. Each week there will be progressions from your baseline so you’ll never feel out of your depth and you’ll learn how to lift with good technique which means you can lift heavier as time goes on and avoid injury

• A written guide to outline what exercise works and why it works as well as a complementary nutrition guide to show you what sort of food to eat and when to eat it. (This is not a meal plan, but guiding principles.)

• Access throughout the 8 weeks to ask any exercise advice and nutrition questions

• Learn the skills you need to set you up to keep going after the 8 weeks. You’ll know what works and what to stop wasting your time on. You’ll know what’s better to eat and when to eat it to work with your body for muscle gain and body fat loss

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