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Ruth Jane Fitness Coach

Ruth is a personal trainer and yoga instructor for women over 45 with friendly group HIIT and yoga classes in Reigate and on Zoom as well as 1-2-1 personal training. There are five classes a week to choose from. 40 Minute HIIT for a short sharp fitness boost or Yoga when you’re feeling more 80 than 40 something. 

Work on touching those toes again and give Beginners a go. Want a yoga body and get strong? Try Fit Flow or Evening Flow. If you’re a stress head get your shoulders down from round your ears with Slow Flow & Relaxation. 

More details on times and venues are on the website.

Gift Voucher Details

How to use your gift vouchers: To book your sessions call Ruth on 07702243695 or email & let her know you will be using Love Reigate gift vouchers to contribute towards the cost of your sessions. You must email Ruth a picture of  your gift voucher(s) with the serial numbers clearly showing to ensure they are applied.