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Vivid Outcomes

Vivid Outcomes is a Therapeutic Coaching and Mentoring Practice particularly focussed on empowering children, adolescents and adults to free themselves from stress and anxiety and unhelpful behaviours. My focus really is on self-development, dealing with those difficult emotions and resourcing people to manage change. Giving people an understanding and a set of tools that really empowers them to harness their own wellness, wellbeing, fulfilment and sense of happiness, is really at the heart of my work.

I offer up a space for an alternative dialogue , helping people to not only to reflect differently by providing space for calm and clarity, but just as importantly, I help to support them further in the long term, to take a different course of action to the one/s they’ve been used to taking in the past.

My approach is warm and genuine and I always tailor my sessions to the individual, ensuring I work creatively ‘with’ them to help them to find solutions that ‘resonate’ and ‘connect’.

Gift Voucher Details

How to use your gift vouchers: To book your sessions call Vidya on 07739393947 or email & let her know you will be using Love Reigate gift vouchers to contribute towards the cost of your sessions. You must email Vidya a picture of  your gift voucher(s) with the serial numbers clearly showing to ensure they are applied.

Once you have completed your purchase, please destroy the redeemed Love Reigate gift voucher(s) as they will have expired.